Dr. Andrew Wood


Andrew Wood is a local Geelong boy, and was educated at The Geelong College. Andrew completed his BDSc at Melbourne University and graduated in 1979.

From 1979 to 1981, Andrew practised Dentistry in Brandon Park, Mulgrave and in Bentleigh, Victoria. In 1981, he was accepted into his Masters Degree course in Orthodontics and graduated with Honours in 1983. That same year, he married Linda and moved back to Geelong to live. In 1983, Andrew joined Phil Black and worked with him until October of 1984, when he commenced work with Paul Buchholz, with whom he formed a partnership, which ended in 2006.

From January 2007, Andrew formed a partnership with Sergio Bobbera at Geelong & Colac Orthodontics in purpose-built rooms at 27-31 Myers Street.

Andrew is a family oriented man; he and Linda have five children. He is heavily involved in sport, including cricket, as a both a parent and occasionally a player. Andrew loves watching football, plays golf, swims regularly, runs around Queens Park, works out at the gym and even enjoys aerobics. A major part of his life involves driving children to play sport and then being an avid spectator/helper. He is a fanatical Geelong supporter.

“When I applied to do Dentistry, I did so with the ultimate desire to become an Orthodontist. Now I have achieved this aim, I want to provide quality care to all my patients in a non-stressful and happy environment. I do not rush my patients through like a production line. Instead, I try to explain the various aspects of their treatment at each visit. The patient then becomes a part of my team and we can then work together to get a good result.”

dr andrew wood
mdsc(melb) lds(vic)