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Photo of Dr. Amanda Leen

Dr. Amanda Leen

Amanda hopes you feel heard and understood when you or your family member come in for consultation. By acknowledging that the reasons and motivations that bring each patient to the clinic are different, Amanda and the team can customise the experience and treatment plan to each patient and their needs. 

Amanda grew up in Geelong and then attended dental school in Melbourne and spent several years as a uniformed Army dental officer, with postings in Darwin, Sydney and Canberra. Along the way she met and married Luke. In 2020 they welcomed a son to their family, joining a fur-brother cat. 

Amanda was fortunate enough to be accepted into speciality orthodontic training at Melbourne Dental School, studying and performing clinical work under the guidance of some of the best orthodontists in Australia. Specialist training also involves research and Amanda’s was on the topic of Molar Hypomineralisation, a common condition that children may see an orthodontist for treatment planning. 

Amanda joined Andrew and Sergio at Geelong Orthodontics after graduating in 2013. Amanda also worked for a number of years at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne treating complex cases in the public system.

Amanda loves the aesthetic and functional transformations that treatment brings to her patients and their smiles. She also finds it rewarding to be part of a team as orthodontics also lends itself to collaborative treatment.